Free range lambs The lambs are entirely reared outdoors. Their natural diet of sedge, willow, thrift, moss campion, and berries makes the Icelandic lamb instantly recognizable for its delicious and distinctive taste. Meet our passionate farmers from around the country

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From nature to the table

A Seasonal Product– SALES PERIOD

Most slaughtering takes place in the autumn, making the supply of fresh lamb seasonal. In order to increase the supply of fresh lamb, there have been efforts to extend the slaughtering season which currently begins in August and ends late October. The sales period for fresh lamb is from September 1 to October 15. Frozen meat is available year-round. Product sales are generally moving to the period between spring and autumn and when slaughter begins, a large proportion has already been sold. The product is processed according to the buyer’s request during the slaughtering period, even though the product is delivered over a longer period.

Packaging and shipping

Icelandic lamb is shipped to the nearest port in North America and Europe. Transportation from Iceland takes approximately 4 to 5 days. Air transport is also an option. Packaging differs according to the needs of purchasers and the meat can be vacuum-packed, gas-packed, plastic film packed and bulk packed. All carcasses are packaged in plastic and stockinette bags and are loaded into containers by hand.

Handling and storage

Animals slaughtered today are processed, sold, or frozen tomorrow. Meat delivered fresh to the market is stored in refrigerators at a temperature of -1°C. Frozen meat is sent for rapid freezing at -30°C and is then stored in